COLORADO SPRINGS — It was a party like none other at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (CMZoo) on Wednesday, as hundreds in the community celebrated Omo, the beloved hippo’s first birthday.

Omo and his fans celebrated with a watermelon cake shaped like Omo, a photo booth and even some party crashers who wanted a taste of Omo’s cake. The big one-year-old refused to share his cake by chasing off neighboring peacocks.

In partnership with Children’s Hospital Colorado, Omo celebrated a great day with a birthday twin. Kari, a patient at Children’s Hospital, was also celebrating her first birthday.

Omo is now at 500 pounds and CMZoo reflected on other big milestones achieved by Omo from this year.

“I feel like a proud hippo, dad. I love working with Omo,” said Philip Waugh, lead zookeeper at Water’s Edge.
“Every day I come in, and we see him do something different. For example, this week, we think we heard him vocalize for the first time. So seeing those milestones every day, seeing his growth, and seeing him be so happy and healthy here at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo makes me feel like I’m accomplishing what I’m here for.”

You can visit Omo and still wish him a happy belated birthday at CMZoo.