COLORADO SPRINGS — On August 12, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (CMZoo) welcomed its newest member, a Red River hoglet.

CMZoo said the hoglet is healthy and energetic, and was born to Mom, Zena, an 8-year-old Red River Hog.

“We are over the moon with excitement for this little one,” said Lauren Phillippi, lead keeper in African Rift Valley. “Red River hog babies are some of the cutest in the whole animal kingdom with their little stripes, tiny statures, and energetic behaviors.”

CMZoo said the hoglet is about the size of its mom’s snout, and describes hoglets as having a watermelon pattern when they are born. They add, their bright orange coats have brown and white stripes that run the length of their bodies, along with brown and white spots all over. The spots and stripes usually fade in six months, but act as camouflage until then.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Zoo keepers said that Zena has embraced her hoglet, nursing regularly and nuzzles and cleans the baby. They add, the baby gets the “zoomies,” or bursts of energy that have them running circles around their mothers in their indoor den.

The sex of the baby has not been identified and CMZoo said they won’t know for a few weeks, and the baby will not be named for 30 days, keeping with zoo tradition.

The hoglet’s father, Huey, has five other children, and the Zoo said Red River hog fathers are active in raising their young. CMZoo said that for now, Zena will bond in the indoor den, while Huey and Pinto, one of his children, will spend time indoors and outdoors.