(COLORADO SPRINGS) — For two days the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is allowing guests to bring their dog to the zoo to complete a family outing.

CMZoo said on Tuesday, May 16, and Saturday, June 3 guests will be able to bring their well-behaved dog to the Zoo with them for Dog Days at the Zoo. Guests will have to buy a ticket for their dog and they can experience the zoo along with their family.

  • A dog with its owner look at a pair of monkeys behind glass at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
  • A dog looks at a group of Meerkats that are behind glass at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
  • A dog looks at a Gorilla behind glass at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

CMZoo does have requirements for dogs inside the zoo which are:

  • Dogs must have an up-to-date rabies vaccination.
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Leashes must be no longer than 6’ and non-retractable. Leashes must be attached at all times, even if the dog is in a carrier or stroller.
  • One dog ticket per adult ticket.
  • Guests with dogs can access most areas of the Zoo, but there are a few restrictions. View the Dog Days Guide & Map
  • Dogs must remain under their human’s control and not behave in an aggressive or disruptive manner. Excessive agitation of Zoo animals or guests because of barking or other behavior may result in the party being asked to leave the Zoo without a refund.
  • This opportunity is available for dogs only, no other pets are allowed.

Dog tickets reflect the price of an adult non-member ticket, which varies from $19.75 to $34.75.