Climate change could be affecting our extreme weather


BLACK FOREST, Colo. — A map released by Environment Colorado shows the entire state has been affected by weather-related disasters, and the organization has found global warming may be impacting our extreme weather in Southern Colorado.

Sarah Dumler has lived in Black Forest for 19 years and says after the fire of 2013 she’s become more interested in climate change.

“I do believe in global warming and I think that whether you accept it or not you can’t live without taking care of the environment around you,” said Dumler.

The interactive map released by Environment Colorado is part of the science behind climate change, and as the earth continues to warm up, our weather becomes more extreme.

“2015 was declared the hottest year on record by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Association in February,” said Hannah Gregory with Environment Colorado. “It was also declared the hottest February ever on record so we are seeing these temperatures rise.”

Some residents in Palmer Lake are even keeping an eye on this issue.

“I’ve heard that if we do have a forest fire come in Palmer Lake and come down the mountain into the town that there would really be no saving any of the houses,” said Kala Walden, who lives in the Palmer Lake area.

Apart from mitigation, Gregory recommends we do our part and talk to our elected officials about options.

“There are policies that we can transition to that will move us towards a greener, cleaner future,” said Gregory.

Environment Colorado said the Supreme Court has slowed down the implementation of what’s called the Clean Power Plan, but Colorado is still preparing for a plan that will cut more pollution out of our air.

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