COLORADO SPRINGS — A new park in Colorado Springs is opening in the next few weeks and the city is putting its final touches on it. But they needed some help inspecting their playgrounds to make sure it was ready for opening day.

Panorama Park on the southeast side of the city near the airport will be opening August 20. The playground however, is ready to go and some lucky kids got to be the the first inspectors to test it out.

The “inspectors” ranged in age from five to seven years old, and they made sure to test every inch of the playground before they gave it their stamp of approval, putting their mark on the slides, swings, fitness and climbing areas. Seven-year-old Kinsley Hall said she loves everything the new park has.

“It’s so much fun. I love it. The park is amazing,” Hall said.

Jacob Butterfield with City Parks and Recreation said watching the kids play and love the park they had been working on for so long was incredible.

“I’ve been a playground inspector for eight years with Parks and Rec,” said Butterfield. “I’ve worked for Parks and Rec for about 25 years, and it’s all about what you see here. I mean, when you’re able to build something like this and then have them come out and have fun. It’s really great.”

Butterfield said the $8.5 million park is similar to Memorial Park and John Venezia Park, just on a smaller scale.

Panorama Park, City of Colorado Springs

“This park is considered a neighborhood park, but it has the amenities of a community park. This location, this neighborhood and the Southeast are really going to benefit from from all of the amenities that you would see at a normal Venezia and Memorial Park but at this location,” Butterfield said.

The park features a skate park, fitness stations, splash pad and event lawn for music and performances.

Butterfield said their main focus was to create areas for everyone to enjoy.

“This park, this playground is very inclusive so every element in this playground is making sure that no matter if you have a disability or not, there’s something there for you. It is designed so everyone can come and be a part of the play,” Butterfield said.

But do the kid-inspectors give there stamp of approval?

“We give Panorama Park two thumbs up!” Hall said.

The city is hosting a grand opening for Panorama Park on August 20. The free, family-friendly event will kick off at 10 a.m. with an opening ceremony and official ribbon cutting on the park’s new event lawn. Panorama Park is located at 4540 Fenton Road, near the intersection of Jet Wing Drive and Chelton Road.