City receives multimillion-dollar FEMA grant for homes damaged in 2015 landslide


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Some relief is on the way for homeowners living in the Lower Skyway and Broadmoor Bluffs subdivisions in southwest Colorado Springs.

The federal government just approved a multimillion-dollar grant to the city of Colorado Springs specifically for those homes.

27 homes were damaged in May 2015 after summer rains oversaturated the ground. That caused landslides and damage to homes.

That damage is not covered by most insurance, but the city is doing everything they can to help those homeowners out.

”We have prioritized the priorities based on damage,” said Gordon Brenner, recovery coordinator for the City of Colorado Springs.

It’s a $5.9 million grant earmarked for those affected by the 2015 landslide.

”We’re going to start at number one and work our way through,” said Brenner.

The City of Colorado Springs applied for the Hazard Mitigation Grant back in February 2016 to help those homeowners whose properties were damaged by the slides.

”This process gives us the ability to take the properties out of danger and the people out of danger,” Brenner said.

Homeowners like Linda Carroll, who spoke to FOX21 last August, said they’ll receive 75 percent of a reimbursement, but they have to come up with the rest.

“The bad news is that I have to figure out how to make up the 25 percent because I still have a mortgage to pay,” said Carroll in August 2016.

The city said not every homeowner will receive money from this grant, but they continue to apply for other grants.

Brenner said just how much the homeowners receive depends on the condition of the home.

“The less we have to spend on demolition, the more we can provide to the property owner,” said Brenner.

The city said they’re in contact with homeowners on a weekly basis to let them know exactly what’s going on in the grant process.

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