(COLORADO SPRINGS) — On Thursday afternoon at the City Administration Building, the results from the 2023 general municipal election indicated a mayoral run-off election between Yemi Mobolade and Wayne Williams.

“So now we move on to the runoff election, the May 16th election,” Colorado Springs City Clerk, Sarah Johnson, said. “So what voters should be looking out for is on April 24th is when we intend to mail the ballot. So around the 25th, a few days after that, you’ll start hopefully receiving ballots in your mailbox.”

Johnson shared that it is important for voters to not fill out the April ballot for this upcoming election and to realize that the May ballot only has two candidate options on it.

“So if you’re one of those voters who didn’t get a chance to vote on April 4th, please do not return that ballot,” Johnson said. “And you can tell the easy difference, not only the envelope cover, the colors are different, but the ballot itself is different. The only thing on the mayoral runoff, which it says it at the top, is one race, and that’s for mayor.”

Following election night, workers have been processing each ballot in order to make sure all results are in.

“It takes a while… because we have a clause in our law that says there’s an eight-day period after Election Day for the military and overseas ballots to come in to us, to get mailed, or to send them electronically because they need a little extra time because they’re not in the country,” said Johnson.

Mayor John Suthers was in attendance and expressed his appreciation of Johnson’s work and ensuring each ballot is counted.

“They take this responsibility very, very seriously,” Suthers said. “They work incredibly hard at it. They work very, very hard to maintain the integrity of the ballots. The whole process is very, very carefully scrutinized. And I just want her to know how much I really, really appreciate that.”

In the April election, Johnson said voter turnout was a little over 35%, and she is hopeful to increase that percentage in the May election.

“I would like to finally break that 40% threshold that we seem to kind of stagnate around here, but hopefully will at least match this turnout,” said Johnson.

FOX21 News reached out to each mayoral candidate on the news of the upcoming runoff election and was provided with the following statements:

“I look forward to the mayoral runoff election and focusing on the challenges facing our community, including crime and public safety, affordability, infrastructure, and economic vitality. Our city is hungry for leadership that rises above mudslinging and negative campaigning, for leaders who focus on the issues that impact our families, and for pragmatic, innovative solutions to our most pressing challenges. Colorado Springs is at an important inflection point, and voters have the opportunity to decide if we continue to be a city for the few or a city for the many that puts our families first. As residents continue to do their research, I look forward to working hard to earn their votes during this important election.”

Yemi Mobolade, Mayoral Candidate

“Thank you to the voters of Colorado Springs who trusted me with their vote for mayor. But the fight for the future of our great city has only just begun. I’m proud that our campaign has advanced to the May 16 runoff election, and I look forward to a spirited debate with Yemi Mobolade about the important issues facing our residents. I am committed to ensuring public safety, enhancing our transportation infrastructure, protecting our water and improving our economic vitality. I’m honored that my campaign has been endorsed by Mayor Suthers, Sheriff Roybal, Colorado Springs Professional Firefighters and Colorado Springs Police Protective Association.” 

Wayne Williams, Mayoral Candidate

Voters will have until 7 p.m. on May 16 to cast their ballot, which can be returned at any of the ballot boxes throughout the city.

“They need to be returned back in any of the same 26 ballot boxes that we use for the April 4th or in my office,” Johnson said. “You can mail the ballot, although I highly advise the use of the drop boxes.”