COLORADO SPRINGS — The City of Colorado Springs launched a new campaign on Monday to promote emergency preparedness in our community.

The “COS Ready” campaign provides a series of steps for members of the community to take in order to prepare in case of a wildfire or emergency, including a 1-2-3 checklist.

COS Ready is a collaboration of the Colorado Springs Fire Department, Colorado Springs Police Department, and the Pikes Peak Regional Office of Emergency Management, all bringing a robust offering of community engagement tools to the campaign. Colorado Springs Utilities also supports COS Ready, encouraging its customers to be prepared. 

“Continuously improving our emergency systems is critical to effectively serving our citizens,” said Mayor John Suthers. “We have adopted a new system that better organizes our evacuation zones, making our first responders better equipped and more prepared to serve our community. It is also a helpful tool for community members, which is why we’re asking everyone to take three simple steps so that every household, business, and organization can be ready for emergencies. That’s what we mean by COS Ready.”

COS Ready has three steps: 

Step 1: Sign up for Alerts – Peak Alerts is a targeted phone notification system that tells community members what they need to know in an emergency. Click here to sign up for alerts.

Step 2: Know Your Zone – The city is now organized into more than 600 preidentified zones which helps first responders take decisive action in an incident. By knowing your zone, community members can be better informed when an emergency happens. Click here to input your home, work, or school address and find out what zone you’re in. You can also view emergency alerts and road closures in effect for your zone.

Step 3: Make a Plan – Before an emergency happens, you need to plan how to keep your family and pets safe, how to communicate with loved ones, and what items to have ready in case of an evacuation. 

“Responding to an emergency is not just the job of our public safety professionals, it is also the job of all of us as citizens,” Mayor Suthers explained.

Colorado Springs Fire Chief Randy Royal said the system will use common language to avoid confusion: “You will hear evacuation order which means we want you to leave now, or you will hear a pre-evacuation warning, which is you are not in the exact threat area yet, but we are warning you could be evacuated.”

The COS Ready homepage has helpful links to help you build a plan, including toolkits for both wildfire evacuations and other kinds of emergencies.