(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Concerned citizens filled the room with many more standing outside the doors during a town hall hosted by Colorado Springs City Councilmember, Nancy Henjum, Saturday morning on Jan. 21.

During the meeting, Henjum discussed the possibility of a study that would address, East-West mobility for the Fillmore Street and Uintah Street corridors. The study would consider widening Fillmore Street, extending Constitution Avenue from Union Boulevard to I-25, or maintaining the current roadway configuration.

The City said the issue at hand has been a concern for nearly a decade and hoped to put the matter to rest once receiving community input. Some community members stated the expansion could be good for reducing traffic, but others who would live near the project were troubled not knowing what it would do to their property values.

If the expansion occurred on Constitution Avenue, the City would utilize the existing right of way. Maintaining the current roadway would likely increase traffic congestion and delays, according to the City.

No decision was reached during the town hall. The City said they will continue to analyze and develop strategies through the public process and a planned future feasibility study.