COLORADO SPRINGS – Cheyenne Mountain Zoo celebrated the birthdays of their three mountain lions on Saturday.

After being orphaned in the wild, Sitka, Adira, and Koda came to CMZoo. Unfortunately, the Zoo doesn’t know their exact birth dates, so keepers celebrate the big cats’ birthdays together with one big party!

This year Keepers helped the big cats celebrate with party decorations made of wrinkled paper and cardboard box presents. These decorations double as enrichment, as the trio seemed to enjoy ripping the papers apart and tearing open the boxes to enjoy the chicken and ground meat inside.

This year, Koda turns two years old, and Adira and Sitka turn 3. Adira and Sitka are siblings and came to the Zoo together in 2019. Koda came to the Zoo in 2020. You can wish them a happy birthday during your next visit to CMZoo.