(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (CMZ) released an update on the baby giraffe born on October 19 to mother Bailey.

CMZ said the calf is a girl and is already showing keepers that she is strong and curious through her interactions with the keepers and her mother Bailey. She is not afraid to trot around her enclosure and explore everything, including her water bowl. The calf is slowly meeting other members of the herd and appears comfortable.

The calf is Bailey’s second, CMZ said that Bailey is comfortable leaving the calf alone for periods of time while Bailey eats or does other things. According to CMZ this is normal behavior for giraffes in the wild and shows that Bailey is comfortable with their group. Bailey is also an attentive and careful mother, checking in with the calf a lot, and is doing “all the right things” according to CMZ.

CMZoo announced that the winning guess for when the calf would be born was only two minutes off from the actual birth date and time.

The calf can be viewed below via 24-hour live stream while inside her birth stall on either Youtube or CMZoo’s website.

CMZoo said they will keep the public updated on the calf and Bailey’s progress.