COLORADO SPRINGS- If you love DIY projects and creating works of art but need a place to let out your creative side, one arts and crafts studio in Colorado Springs will help you with just that.

Pinspriation, a Pinterest-inspired arts and crafts studio helps you take your projects to the next level and helps teach you how to do it yourself with all of the supplies you may need.

Owner Sarah Bjorklund said she opened the studio just over a year ago and has loved every minute of helping people get creative and take a piece of fun home with them.

“We have about 45 different projects you can pick from and the beautiful thing is everyone can pick something different,” Bjorklund said.

From wall art to candle making, acrylic pouring, and even their splatter room, Pinspiration offers something for everyone at any age.

“Anybody can come in pick something and make it their own. We give you a blank slate to create,” Bjorklund said.

Pinspiration offers party packages too. From bridal parties to birthdays and even corporate team builders they can help you create your next fun experience.

One of their most popular experiences is their splatter room where anyone can grab a canvas and let the paint fly! They even offer a ‘Splatter Date’ package for couples paired with chocolates, champagne, and all of the paint you can imagine.

They also have a wide range of workshops they offer with a few tied to the upcoming fall months. From making Spell books, acrylic pumpkins, and Hocus Pocus Spooktacular decor!

Pinspiration is open Wednesday through Sunday with walk-ins available for those who have an urge to create. To learn more about booking a party, workshop, or time in the Splatter Room visit their website or call (719) 344-5681 to book.