COLORADO SPRINGS — Environmental agencies & wildlife experts across the nation are thanking their park rangers for World Ranger Day.

Today we celebrate our hardworking and dedicated raners – thank you for all you do!

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW).
This picture is from a recent junior ranger program at Eldorado Canyon State Park
The Ranger team at Eldorado Canyon State Park

Rangers across the world, we thank you! … We salute our dedicated women and men who help protect our natural resources that we all get to enjoy.

CPW’s Northeast region.

We celebrate and acknowledge all the park rangers who protect and preserve places around the world. From making trails, enforcing laws, and cleaning up litter; to restoring habitat, managing wildlife, and educating visitors; rangers wear many hats.

Grand Canyon National Park Services

If you’re interested in becoming a ranger, check out the U.S. Fish and Wildlife careers page here. You can help protect our natural and cultural treasures.