CDC warns about possible sickness at pools


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — With the summer months quickly approaching, many families will be hitting the pools.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning parents about the increase in outbreaks of a parasitic infection linked to swimming pools.

“We just really want to make sure we have a safe, fun summer,” said Kyle Bifano, Aquatics Director for the YMCA.

The water at the Monument Valley YMCA pool is calm, but come Saturday morning they’ll be filled with kids enjoying the summer sun.

“Obviously it take a lot of behind the scenes work and everybody pitching in,” said Bifano. “It takes a group effort from everybody to keep the pool safe.”

That includes staying away from the water if you’re sick.

“Usually it will cause some type of a gastrointestinal issue, it can cause a little bit of nausea and vomiting but usually the diarrhea is what you get,” said Dr. Ian Tullberg, UCHealth’s Medical Director.

It’s called Cryptosporidium, or Crypto for short, and 32 cases were reported in 2016 – double the number reported in 2014.

Do you remember when your mom told you not to drink the water?

Crypto is spread by people swallowing water that has come in contact with feces, such as pool water contaminated with diarrhea.

“It was last anywhere from a few hours, a day or two, up to two or three weeks,” said Dr. Tullberg.

Dr. Tullberg says unfortunately chlorine doesn’t kill the bug.

“Absolutely don’t go, in fact you really shouldn’t go for about one to two days or so after your symptoms are gone just to make sure that there isn’t anything that is going to leak out into the pool,” explains Dr. Tullberg.

The YMCA says if an accident does happen in the pool, they have a plan of action to get it clean up.

But most importantly, they just want everyone to have fun.

“It’s been continual growth every year, getting a little better and giving a better experience to everybody, we’re really excited about it,” said Bifano.

If the YMCA does have to close the pool, they will post it online. You can find that information here.

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