(PENROSE, Colo.) — Part of the Penrose community has been rallying together to save and nurse a cat back to health after she was dragged by a car on the highway during Christmas week.

It started as a night out to dinner in Florence for Daniel and Melissa Baumann. But that quickly changed when they noticed a cat dangling out the door of a car in front of them.

The Baumann’s jumped into action and were flagging the car down to pull over for several miles.

“We followed the car for 2 miles at 55 mph with a cat getting dragged by its tail on the highway. As soon as they pulled over, the cat just collapsed. And we didn’t know if it was alive anymore or not,” said Daniel.

Baumann said the elderly couple driving had no idea a cat was stuck in their door.

“It was a horrible experience just watching that cat and seeing how bad she wanted to live. I mean, she was fighting with everything she had when she was getting drug,” said Daniel.

The Baumann family brought the cat home, stabilized her, gave her medicine and started cleaning up her wounds.

“The paws were ground down to bone and she was bleeding from the mouth. And we didn’t know if she was going to live or not at that point,” said Daniel.

Their friend, Michelle, who is a veterinarian, showed up and performed surgery on the cat in the Baumann’s kitchen.

“She was in pretty bad shape when I first got to her. We weren’t even sure she was going to make it throughout the night. I came back the following morning and I knocked her out, did surgery, cleaned up her wounds and kept her bandaged,” said Michelle Behrendt.

Both Melissa and Michelle have veterinarian backgrounds, which ended up being hope’s saving grace. Several people in the community with similar backgrounds came to help and rallied around saving her.

“What she had just gone through was a lot. I knew the uphill battle we had,” said Melissa. “With all their help, that’s what brought us to this final stage of her being healthy. And without their support, she probably wouldn’t have made it without all the medical attention that we had for our background.”

Because of the journey she’s been on, the Baumann family chose to name her Hope.

“She’s a very sweet cat and she’s very blessed. And I’m blessed to have her. There was no doubt in my mind that she was gonna be our hope,” said Melissa.

“We felt terrible and helpless about it at first. And but just to see her now, she just gets pampered and walks around, you know, with the damaged paws and everything,” said Daniel.

Hope is now part of the Baumann family and making herself right at home. She is in recovery and soon getting her stitches out.