(COLORADO SPRINGS) — A little orange creamsicle cat found abandoned in a cardboard box was rescued all because of one “caring hooman,” according to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR).

  • Abandoned 'creamsicle' cat found in cardboard box rescued
  • Abandoned 'creamsicle' cat found in cardboard box rescued

A good samaritan noticed a cardboard box while walking through their apartment parking lot. Alone in the box was a sick and frail cat that was “incredibly skinny, dirty, matted [and] dehydrated.” The orange cat also had a yellow discharge coming out from her eyes, said HSPPR.

Animal Law Enforcement (ALE) responded and took the kitty from the box, placing her in a comfy carrier.

“She immediately started purring and making biscuits,” stated HSPRR. “She knew she was safe at last.”

During an intake exam, HSPPR’s veterinary team determined the kitty was eight years old. HSPPR said an older pet experiencing this kind of neglect is always concerning, but despite her condition, her lab results were normal. The cat received medication for her cat cold and was started on a refeeding plan.

“We don’t know how she ended up in that box, but we do know that she was so grateful for our help,” stated HSPRR.

Due to her sweet – “with a tad bit of spice” – personality, HSPPR named her Mango Chutney.

How does her Happy Tail end? Well, that part of her story hasn’t been written yet. Mango Chutney is almost ready to find her new family!

“Keep an eye on our website for this terrific tiger,” said HSPRR. “Thank you to everyone who was there for Mango Chutney when she needed it the most!”