COLORADO SPRINGS — Younglings at Palmer High School got a special treat on Star Wars Day when their teacher transformed into the infamous shiny First Order trooper, Captain Phasma.

Mrs. Rowen Monks wore her handmade Steel Phasma costume to teach algebra and geometry to students in 10th and 11th grades. Mrs. Monks said she always wears a costume on May the Fourth, but this is the first time she has worn her Steel Phasma while teaching. She had to remove certain pieces in order to teach, as it can be quite cumbersome. The armor weighs in between 100 and 125 pounds!

Mrs. Monks said students and staff loved the costume, and one of her favorite moments of the day was when the Special Education department stopped by for hugs and fist bumps.

Mrs. Monks learned from her dad how to blacksmith over a coal forge. She has been doing “cold work,” or moving metal without a heat source, for 15-20 years, which helped her create the incredible shiny trooper that wowed students at Palmer High School.

You can follow the adventures of the teacher turned First Order trooper on Steel Phasma’s Facebook page.