Cañon City school board approves shorter hybrid school week


The Cañon City/Fremont RE-1 school board approved a new hybrid four-day school week at Monday night’s board meeting.

Four out of the five board members voted to approve the new calendar.  

The schedule will alternate between a four-day week and a five-day week with an early release Friday. 

Both Pueblo school districts, Florence, and other districts surrounding Cañon City also have a shorter school week.   

District officials believe the new alternating calendar will attract and retain more teachers, but parents aren’t so sure, saying it benefits employees, not students. 

 “A schedule that doesn’t have the consistency, kids don’t know what to expect from week to week,” parent Tina Row said.  

“I believe that reason is not good enough,” parent Jessi Welch said.  “I also believe that it’s not going to work.”  

Some parents were concerned about the economy, the cost of daycare, and crime rates without student supervision. 

The board said they made this decision with the district’s four core beliefs in mind.  

Parents also are concerned about confusion, and the district understands.  

“It would be naive to think that there would be no confusion,” assistant superintendent Adam Harman said. “This does represent a significant change in the way the calendar goes.”

Parent and district staff member Lacey Ladoux thinks it’s simple.    

“Now we do, the second Wednesday have a late start, and parents are familiar with that, and just knowing every other Friday it’s an early release day,” Ladoux said. “I get more time to spend with my family. If they have doctor’s appointments or whatever, then we can schedule those on Fridays, so they won’t have to miss school.”

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