(CAÑON CITY, Colo.) — Cañon City will begin its Leaf Pick-Up program starting Monday, Nov. 14.

Residents who wish to have their leaves picked up must bag their leaves due to federally mandated stormwater regulations, according to the city. Leaves may no longer be raked into the gutter for loose pickup by the city due to water quality regulations for which property owners may be ticketed. Bagged leaves should be placed on the owner’s property near the curb and not in the street or the gutter as in past years.

Leaf Pick-up Schedule:

  • Nov. 14
    • 1st – 5th Streets from Macon Avenue to Pike Avenue
  • Nov. 15 – 16
    • 5th – 6th Streets from Macon Avenue to Harding Avenue
  • Nov. 17 – 18
    • 7th – 9th Streets from Macon Avenue to Candlewood Drive–Skyline Loop
  • Nov. 21 – 22
    • 10th – 11th Streets from Macon Avenue to Monroe Avenue
  • Nov. 23 – 29
    • 12th – 19th Streets from Main Street to Harding/Central Avenues
  • Nov. 30 – Dec. 2
    • Fremont Drive – Central Avenue from 19th Street to Raynolds Avenue to include Central Avenue, North to the City limits
    • East Main from Cameron Avenue to Raynolds Avenue and Highway 50 to Fowler Avenue
  • Dec. 5
    • From the Arkansas River to Highland Avenue from Logan Street to Grape Street

Residents who have their leaves bagged but do not wish to wait until the scheduled pickup can drop bags off at the Public Works Facility located at 1525 South 9th Street between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. Residents can drop off bags starting Monday, Nov. 7. No drop-offs will be accepted during off-business hours.