CAÑON CITY, Colo. — Grandview Christian Church in Cañon City was filled with over a hundred members of the community about a new policy proposed by the Cañon City School District.

“We’re here because a lot of parents have serious concerns about it and for one reason, because they didn’t know this was coming,” said Dr. Susan Jones, one of the organizers of the meeting on Friday night.

According to the school district board of education, the goal of the policy is to ensure the safety and development of transgender and gender nonconforming students.

“It talks about shared bathrooms, no longer separated by traditional sex, I guess is the right word to use,” Dr. Jones said. “And it talks about shared locker rooms, it talks about overnight accommodations and what that means for students.”

Parents said this raises questions of safety for other students.

“It really opens the door for some very scary things and it’s one thing for an adult to consent and to do these things. It’s another thing when you’re introducing that to our children who are highly impressionable and need that protection,” said Ginnie Chairez, who has two young girls going into the school district this year.

At a young age, she said kids are impressionable and shouldn’t be swayed one way or another. She said she understands kids should be taken care of, though, but within constraints.

“We want to take care of our kids and the trans kids as well,” Chairez said. “They need attention, but not at the risk and the safety of all of the other kids in the school.”

One of the biggest issues the community said they had was with transparency.

“Things were kind of pushed through without even listening to much of the people, which is probably not a good thing to be an elected official and deal with things,” said Todd Luce, pastor of Grandview Christian Church.

It was especially concerning many parents and community members didn’t know about the policy until the school board moved it to the second reading.

“That’s when things got kind of heated because parents were saying, well, we’ve heard there’s something going on, but we don’t even know what it is,” said Graceann Pittner. “How can we speak intelligently about it if you don’t give it to us?”

The next school board meeting is set for August 8th where the board will vote whether or not to enact the policy.

“Since there’s so much confusion and everything else… to please table it until there’s a chance for everyone to have their questions answered and their needs met,” Pittner said.

View the full policy here.