YODER, Colo. — More than 40,000 women will die this year from breast cancer and more than 230,000 will be diagnosed.

Breast cancer can be extremely challenging for any woman to battle, but one woman had to do it while fighting for the life of someone else.

Heather Choate found out in July 2014.

“I noticed a lump and got it checked out while I was pregnant with her at 10 weeks pregnant. That’s when they did the biopsy and we found out that it was cancer. As you can imagine, the shock was unbelievable,” said Heather.

The outcome didn’t look good.

“Countless were the doctors that gave us the advice that mom and baby possibly would die if we didn’t abort and that the best outcome would be the baby would live, but mom either way was going if we didn’t abort,” said Ben Choate.

Then they found a doctor that would try to save both mom and baby.

“The hardest part was not buckling to the fear and keeping focus on making it through it. Keeping focus on being strong and choosing life for both of us,” said Heather.

In January, their eight pound, ten ounce, baby girl was born.

“There were definitely ups and downs where people would be like, ‘oh you’re such a hero,’ and I would be like, ‘I’m not a hero, I am weak and I can’t do this today.’ There were so many moments where I was like, ‘I can’t take one more step,’” said Heather.

She said without inspirational stories from survivors, she wouldn’t be here, which is why they’re sharing their story with others.

“Don’t give in to the first opinion you hear. Make sure you stick true to your beliefs and then look for somebody who can help you stick true to those,” said Ben.

“Choose life for you and those around you, focus on the good and let that be your anthem. The thing that cheers you along and keeps you supported through it all and that you can overcome it and not to give up on your dreams and keep living your life,” said Heather.

She is now cancer free and said she feels lucky every day she gets to be with her husband and six kids.