UPDATE: According to CSPD, officers received reports about a man firing a gun into an occupied car. When officers tried to make contact with the gunman, the suspect began firing at them.

The suspect and officers exchanged fire, and the suspect was able to get away.

Later, police found the suspect leaving The Vanguard School property. The suspect and officers exchanged more gunfire.

At some point during the shooting, the suspect was shot at least once. He was taken to the hospital with injuries. It is currently unclear when exactly the suspect was shot.

Police recovered a pistol at the scene.

This is a developing story. FOX21 will update as more information is released.

UPDATE: According to The Vanguard School, a man was seen on school grounds and immediately left campus when he was confronted by school officials.

Vanguard School said the man walked onto school property after he tried to escape police at another location for an incident unrelated to the school. Police were able to capture the suspect as he exited school grounds.

The school also confirmed the officer-involved shooting. However, it is still unclear when the shooting happened.

There are no known injuries or damage to school facilities.

UPDATE: CSPD Lt. James Sokolik is expected to give a statement around 12:15 p.m.

UPDATE: The nearby Vanguard School has secured both of its campuses due to police activity.

According to the school, the situation has been contained and all staff and students are safe and accounted for. Currently, the campuses are still secured. Travel in and out of both campuses is limited until further notice.

UPDATE: The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office will act as the lead investigative agency.

ORIGINAL:COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) is on the scene of an officer-involved shooting in the downtown area.

CSPD is asking the public to avoid the entire South Nevada Avenue area, particularly between Brookside Street and St. Elmo Avenue.

Information is limited at this time, but FOX21 does have a photographer at the scene.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.