Brain training company changes lives in Colorado Springs


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A local organization is changing students’ lives by changing their brains.

LearningRx is a brain training company that’s been in Colorado Springs for the past 13 years helping hundreds of people improve critical skills so they can perform better in school and at work.

“We work one on one with all ages, starting at 5 to 95, to target and train the skills that we use everyday to learn and perform,” said Amanda Duplantis, LearningRx Center Director.

Skills that all people to think, learn, read, remember, problem solve and pay attention. How? By playing games.

“Kids really enjoy it, because it is fun games,” said Duplantis. “The procedures we use are really designed to drill down and work on those skills, helping kids get faster, remember more, being able to think through more logically.”

Duplantis said LearningRx is different than playing a brain game on a phone or computer.

“They’re not going to notice when you’re getting down on yourself, they’re not going to notice when you x out of that program and go somewhere else,” said Duplantis.

Duplantis compared it to a trip to the gym. When you go alone, you might slack off a bit, but if you have a personal trainer watching you, you’re likely to get in a better workout.

“What we can do is work one on one and see when those kids are ready to move on and ask for one more try,” she said.

LearningRx works with anyone, from those with dyslexia, traumatic brain injuries, ADHD and even those who just want to improve their skills.

“I didn’t know where else to go, I was at the end of my rope as a mom trying to get her the help that she needed so learning could be easier for her,” said Vicki Elmore.

Elmore’s daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia in third grade and after trying several different options, including a private tutor with little success, Elmore finally found LearningRx.

“We finished in May and now the school year has started and now we see her putting those skills into practice,” said Elmore.

Skills her daughter always had, just needed a little help finding.

“She sees how smart I knew she was,” said Elmore.

The first step to working with LearningRx is figuring out the root of the problem. That’s done through an assessment that takes about an hour.

After that a program is designed for the student that typically lasts between 6 and 9 months.

LearningRx was named the number one education franchise in October by

To learn more about LearningRx in Colorado Springs click here.

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