Boulder man creates own snowmaking machine to snowboard in his backyard


BOULDER, Colo., (KMGH) — A Colorado man has taken his love for snowboarding to a new level by creating a makeshift snow machine in his backyard.

Just over three inches fell in the Boulder metro area last week, but that wasn’t enough for Charles Destafano. The New Jersey native decided to take matters into his own hands.

“There’s a brass ball valve and then there’s a bunch of spouts that are gonna lead to a sprinkler head. It shoots really, really fine water so when it hits the air, nature does all the rest,” explained Destafano.

Destafano made enough snow to cover his ramp and made the impossible – possible.

“There’s a ladder to the side and I climb up and strap in // As you’re going down which is enough speed to hit the rail,” said Destafano.

Destafano will continue his favorite hobby with or without mother nature.

“Yes obsessed, it’s almost pathetic,” said Destafano.

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