Boot brushes installed to help protect trails


EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. — In an effort to protect trails from dangerous weeds the county has teamed up with other agencies to install “boot brush” stations at two trail heads.

The brushes are located at the Baptist Road Trail head in the new Sante Fe Trail and the Orion Drive trail head located at Bear Creek Regional Park.

The county’s goal is to educate trail users on invasive species as they clean their boots or shoes.

“They can be fungus’s, it can be diseases, and it can be as simple as the weather here,” El Paso County Environmental Tina Travis said. This came without the bio controls and became the super species and predators they have evolved and adapted in native species. this is to educate people about the effects of noxious weeds and how to get rid of it.”

The county said not only can shoes carry these invasive species your clothing, equipment and even animals can be carriers too.

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