(COLORADO SPRINGS) — On the outside window of Wildflower Salon, there are blue hearts and a message reading #JusticeforGannon. The salon is showing its support for Gannon as the trial continues for Letecia Stauch, the woman accused of killing her 11-year-old stepson.

The words Justice for Gannon are written on the window of the Wildflower Salon.

“I did the blue hair tinsel for Gannon when he first went missing, so I thought it would just make sense to honor him again,” Wildflower Salon Owner, Erin Wyrick, said. “Now, unfortunately, in a different way, but still keep him and his memory around.”

Starting on May 1, Wildflower Salon began the free service of blue hair tinsel in support of Gannon.

“Just supporting Gannon and his family, that’s always like the number one priority,” said Wyrick.

Blue hair tinsel was put in the hair of customers for free on Tuesday afternoon.

In the midst of tragedy, Wyrick is sending out a message of support to Gannon’s family and connecting community members with pieces of shiny blue tinsel.

“But I strongly feel that as a business owner in this Colorado Springs community, I feel a strong responsibility to support our community members and Gannon was one of those, and his family will always be one of those,” Wyrick said. “So, I guess it’s just my kind of way to tell them that we have their back and we’re thinking of them.”

Wyrick tying hair tinsel in the hair of one of her customers.

Throughout the past two days, Wyrick has seen 25 people who have wanted tinsel in their hair.

“I’ve been following this whole thing with Gannon,” Wildflower Salon customer, Shawna Lee, said. “I work with kids, this is something near and dear to my heart. I think that any time we can step up and protect children, we should. So, I wanted to come out and support the Stauch family.”

When it comes to her favorite part of offering this service, Wyrick said it’s uniting the Southern Colorado community.

“Just seeing the community link together and both care about another community member and… really just seeing us all come together, seeing how many people there are out there who really do genuinely care and a lot of us really do genuinely care about Gannon and what happened to him and we care about honoring him,” said Wyrick.

Tinsel placed in the hair of one of her customers.

Wyrick said if you are interested in having tinsel put in your hair, to email her at itswildflowersalon@gmail.com or reach out to her on Facebook.

“I encourage anyone to get in contact with me,” Wyrick said. “If you really want the blue hair tinsel, I’ll make it work in my schedule.”