PUEBLO, Colo. — During National Drive Electric Week, Sept. 23 through Oct. 2, Black Hills Energy is spotlighting its Ready EV program and the resources available to help drivers make the switch to an electric vehicle.

Ready EV is a program that provides cash rebates to cover a significant portion of the cost of electric vehicle charging equipment and installation. The program is available to Colorado residents and businesses receiving electric service from Black Hills Energy.

“With rebates for home and business EV charging equipment, Black Hills Energy is making electric vehicle charging more convenient, more affordable and more accessible for customers,” said Erik Lundeen, Black Hills Energy’s EV program manager. “With the growth of charging infrastructure in our communities, an electric vehicle is quickly becoming a car for everyone.”

With more than 200 different types of electric vehicles on the market, they’re becoming more popular than ever.  Black Hills Energy said battery ranges have increased while the cost of the cars has been steadily decreasing.

There are two types of electric vehicles:

All electric-vehicles

  • Run on a battery only
  • Does not need gasoline or oil changes
  • Save money on fuel and maintenance costs

Plug-in hybrid vehicles

  • Run on both a battery and gasoline

“With rebates to significantly lower the cost of EV charging equipment, upfront electric vehicle purchase rebates for income-qualified customers, and a new time-of-day rate option to support EV charging, we are very pleased to support our customers as they make the transition to an electric vehicle,” said Lundeen.

Learn more at www.blackhillsenergy.com/ev.