Big turn-out for small gun show in Colorado Springs


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.– Last Sunday, we brought you to the second-largest gun show in Southern Colorado, where firearm sales were way up.

Organizers said it was likely due to President Barack Obama’s executive order to tighten gun laws.

This weekend, the Prospectors Sertoma Gun Show was held here in Colorado Springs, and they said they saw the same increase in attendance.

“In my three years, one of the busiest shows we’ve ever had here, and the gun sales were out of sight,” volunteer Deonne School said.

She said the Prospectors Sertoma Club has been holding this gun show for 42 years, and they’ve never seen a turnout like this.

“Yesterday we sold 143 firearms. That’s on the high side compared to usual. Usually we sell under 100,” volunteer George Noble said.

But it isn’t just this gun show. Vendors, who have been in the business for decades, are noticing a difference everywhere.

“The things that we’re selling haven’t really changed. The frequency that we sell them has,” vendor Steve Deaver said.

Deaver is a licensed firearm salesman out of Holyoke, Colorado, and he says he’s been dealing with more customers and longer background check wait times.

He and organizers of this gun show believe it’s due to Obama’s proposed gun regulations.

“I am absolutely positive that yesterday’s turn-out was due to his executive order that was passed and everyone’s just going to stock up,” School said.

Colorado’s gun laws are already some of the most strict in the nation, but Deaver said if more regulations would help, he’s not against them.

“Most all the gun dealers I talk to, everybody’s in agreement. If somebody came up with a law that we thought truly would prevent gun crime, we’d back it wholeheartedly, completely. We haven’t seen that law yet,” Deaver said.

In the meantime, they believe attendance and sales will likely continue to rise across the nation, even at small shows like theirs.

While the Prospectors Sertoma Gun Show is growing along with the others, they’re still very different. All of the money they make from the admission goes toward local veterans programs and charities like Christmas Unlimited.

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