(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Bemis School of Art, which starts accepting students if they are members of the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center, the birth of a vase takes place.

Ceramics and pottery are just a few of the nearly 80 art classes offered throughout the summer.

“It’s interesting being able to see what people come up with on their own and being inspired in a community setting,” Jacob Scott, one of the school’s art instructors, said. “

I mean you’re taking something that you know can be washed down the sink and then making something that’s gonna last forever and every time you open the Calendar it’s like Christmas day you know opening up all your presents.”

Downstairs, Renee Smith, another one of the school’s instructors is demonstrating jelly printing, another class offered.

“It’s a great way for someone who’s been out of art practice or someone that needs to kind of jump back in the practice. Taking that class to help you get to the creative mode or jump back into whatever you’re trying to create yourself a jumping point and it’s it’s lotta fun teaching adults,” Smith said. “We offer such a great variety that I think… if you’re starting or of never really done art before, you can find something that will help you improve or just kind of get you started on your creative journey.”