(COLORADO SPRINGS) — May 19 was a very special day at Broadmoor Elementary School – in the gym was a sea of students wearing athleisure wear, baseball hats, and lots of Denver Broncos merchandise, all to honor their teacher, Mr. Brian Reed.

“So everybody got to dress like Mr. Reed today,” said Principal of Broadmoor Elementary School, Lynda Henderson. “So we have kids with gray hair that spiked up in the front and sweat pants and shorts and whistles and basketball shorts and it was just fun to dress like Mr. Reed today.”

Outside of Broadmoor Elementary School it reads May 19 – Mr. Reed Day

Mr. Reed first began teaching physical education back in 1991 and shared why he first wanted to become a teacher.

“I had a lot of great teachers and coaches growing up, and they really inspired me to want to be a better person,” Reed said. “So I wanted to pass that along to the next generation. I wanted to make a difference in kids lives, so hopefully I’ve done that.”

Students from all grades gathered in the gym to cheer on Mr. Reed as he will be retiring after this school year, which is about to come to an end.

An all school assembly held on Friday morning where students and teachers cheered on Mr. Reed.

“We could not have asked for a better constant here at Broadmoor Elementary for 32 years,” Henderson said. “He has just been positive, upbeat, supportive of whatever we were doing and just, just such a open, caring, enthusiastic teacher that if we had to have one person here for 32 years, I couldn’t imagine a better role.”

Broadmoor Elementary School second grader, Graylee Barber, shared some of her favorite Mr. Reed sayings.

“He points to his watch and he’s like, ‘we’re wasting time’,” Barber said. “And then he also says, hustle, hustle, use your muscle.”

A showcase in the hallway filled with appreciation for the years Mr. Reed has spent at Broadmoor Elementary School.

In the hallway was a collection of pictures and sayings of Mr. Reed including some of the ‘fan favorites.’

“I say that a lot, ‘hustle, hustle, use your muscle’,” Reed said. “It’s ridiculous, but it’s catchy and the kids love it.”

For one student at the assembly, Wyatt Furda, he remembers each of the classrooms he was once in at Broadmoor Elementary School. But he did have a favorite class, and that was Mr. Reed’s.

“I mean Mr. Reed’s class was the best,” Furda said. “I’d say basically the whole entire school, everyone wanted to go to PE. Everyone wanted to see Mr. Reed, every single day. That’s what happened because we would always have some fun game, that was always a mystery until you got to class. And it was a big surprise and it was just, it’s always awesome just to get out of the classroom and have some fun.”

Time has passed, as Furda is now a senior at Cheyenne Mountain High School, but he has stayed in touch with Mr. Reed over the years.

“Not a lot of people have the patience that Mr. Reed has and I got to give it to him,” Furda said. “I was in the class with him like last week, and I just saw all these kids and I could not do it. It is crazy to think he goes through every single day for the past 30 years.”

Wyatt Furda and Mr. Reed played basketball on Friday morning.

When it comes to her favorite part about Mr. Reed, Barber said “it’s just getting to have a connection with him and just getting to spend time with him, probably and his personality.”

Furda shared his words of appreciation, and the everlasting impact Mr. Reed has had on him.

“I would say keep being you even after retirement, because he’s just… he is the best person,” Furda said. “And in his life, I think the goal for a lot of people is to make a difference and he definitely did that.”

In reflecting on his 32 years at Broadmoor Elementary School, it is clear the love Mr. Reed has for the school and the people inside.

“This is the best place to be for, like, loving, kind kids, parents, families, staff members. We have got a great staff,” Reed said. “They all really care about the kids, that has not changed. That’s the same… it’s been the same since 1991 and it’ll continue that long after I’m gone. It’s a wonderful community.”

An old staff photo was on display during the all school ceremony.

This weekend, there is a special send off for Mr. Reed with an open house on Sunday at Broadmoor Elementary School which is open for all to attend.

“We’re really hoping we can get as many former students and families here to Broadmoor Elementary on Sunday the 21st from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. ,” Henderson said. “For an open house for Mr. Reed, it will be in the gym and we’ll have some light snacks and we’d just like to see as many people as we can.”

In terms of what the next chapter is, Mr. Reed does not know yet, but says he will be enjoying the summer and spending time with his family.