PUEBLO — Colorado State Fair is in full swing, but it wouldn’t be possible without some unsung heroes.

“We enjoy doing what we’re doing,” Richard Roman said.

Many have been working at the fair for decades.

“I’ve been a seasonal employee here for about 22 years,” said Richard Walker, a security employee at the fair.

And Roman has been working at the fair for about 27 years.

“We meet a lot of people and a lot of people after the years and years they say ‘you’re still here?’ I say ‘yeah… We’re just waiting to see if you folks come back’.”

They all have their share of stories.

“A lady went into labor and had her baby in the carnival,” Walker remembered.

As an Army veteran, Walker said working security at the fair is his way to continue service for his community.

“Serving in another capacity. That’s what we do,” he said.

Adding, they do it for the people.

“Some of the kids start when they’re four and five years old and you watch them grow up through the ranks and then they get Grand Champion or Champion and Reserve Grand Champion you know and it’s so rewarding and such an honor to know those individuals,” said Colleen Atwood, security at Colorado State Fair.

Those working at the fair became a close community that has each others’ backs.

“We feel like family,” Atwood said. “We’re brothers and sisters.”

“They do work together, they cover each other, they help each other,” Walker said. “I mean, during the fair they’re working 24 hours a day, the staff is, to get things done and set up for the next day.”

At the end of the day, they said they just take care of each other and just have fun.