(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Bear Creek Nature Center was a-buzz with community members taking part in a beekeeping class to learn more about a hobby that’s taking flight in Colorado Springs.

Beekeeping in the Pikes Peak Region is a bit unique due to the dry climate and mountainous atmosphere, according to Sandy Halby, Secretary of Pikes Peak Beekeepers.

“They’re learning about hives, about keeping bees, about pests, the bees, diseases and things that they need to look out for,” said Halby.

According to a student of the beekeeping school, everything we do relies on bees, especially our food sources.

“They’re kind of this little like unseen servant for the whole,” said Lindsey Scott. “How we eat, how we live, how we do things, and even our medicine.”

The annual bee school is a two-day class that has gotten so popular, it runs a waitlist.

Beekeepers are asking the community to do their part in helping the furry flying friends, who in turn, help us.

“Look into whatever you can do to plant and do that,” stated Scott. “There’s so many native plants in Colorado, even on the prairie where I live, that truly just can help them so much more than you ever think they would.”

If you are interested in learning more about beekeeping, you can check out the association’s website, where you can also find out about their upcoming classes.

The Bear Creek Nature Center also said they are so thankful for the partnership with the beekeeper’s association.