Bear-resistant trash cans might soon be required on west side of Colorado Springs


COLORADO SPRINGS — City Council held a public meeting about whether or not to require bear resistant trash cans on the west side of town.

There is video from the Ivywild neighborhood where bears are roaming the streets at night trying to get into trash cans. Even though there isn’t trash in the neighbors trash cans each night bears constantly check.

If the ordinance is approved people living west of I-25 without bear resistant trash cans who leave their trash outside would be fined 500 dollars. The exception being trash left outside after 5 a.m. on trash day.

Wildlife experts say keeping trash secured is best for everyone.

“Trash is one of the biggest attractants that caused bear human conflicts so if you take care of your trash the bears will be less likely to come around,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife Manager Cassidy English said. “It keeps people safe and it keeps the bears safe too because bears won’t be habituated to people so they won’t get used to people and come around more often.”

A workshop will discuss the ordinance on September 16th. City Council will vote on the ordinance in early October.

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