STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) — When bears in the area ruined a local resident’s couch in the spring, he decided to leave it out there for them all summer. They apparently appreciate it, as they frequent the furniture – like the one in the video below.

“Not the first time. Keeps happening, pretty sure it’s the same bear but we have several bears every night,” Chris Ward told FOX31.

Ward said the bears destroyed the couch this past spring but since he’s left it out there, they keep coming back. He said when they go into hibernation, the couch will go to the dump.

“I thought he was for sure taking them to his den for the winter and I was thinking man just take them and don’t come back,” Ward said.   

He said when they go into hibernation, the couch will go to the dump. Ward said they don’t have any food sources, like trash, out there attracting the bear. He said he even puts away the hummingbird feeder every night. 

“I joke he broke out of a circus cause he’s so animated and not intimidating for as big as he is,” Ward said. 

Jason Clay with Colorado Parks and Wildlife said right now bears are just starting to prep for hibernation and they are eating around 20,000 calories a day. He said it’s important to remember bears are wild animals. 

“If you have a bear comes around your home take action. It’s the best for you and that bear too,” Clay said.     

Clay said the best way to haze bears away from your home is to use air horns, car alarms or bear mace. If none of those tactics work he said it’s best to contact CPW for help.