(COLORADO) — On Friday, Aug. 4, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) was able to safely immobilize a large female black bear, and after a successful veterinary check, will be transported to a wild animal sanctuary in Springfield, Colorado.

CDFW said the bear, also known as 64F, was responsible for at least 21, DNA-confirmed home break-ins and extensive property damage in the South Lake Tahoe area since 2022. The bear is one of multiple bears identified by the public last year as “Hank the Tank,” based on visual observations.

According to CDFW, relocation is not typically done for conflict animals, due to concern that relocating an animal will relocate the conflict behavior to a different community. However, CDFW said due to the interest in the bear and the significant risk of a serious incident involving the bear, CDFW is employing an alternative solution to safeguard the bear family, as well as the people in the South Lake Tahoe community.

64F had been monitored by CDFW since 2022, and in March of 2023, was found denning under a home in South Lake Tahoe, along with three male cubs.

The three young cubs will be relocated to the Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue in hopes they can dissuade the negative behaviors they learned from the Sow, and can be returned to the wild. According to CDFW, one of the cubs is believed to have suffered a serious injury from a vehicle earlier in the month.

Governor Jared Polis welcomed 64F to Colorado, and suggested due to the bear being female, that she be renamed “Henrietta the Tank.”