BBB now offering “age-friendly” certification for Colorado Springs businesses

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo — The city is now one of just 75 cities in the United States to have the title of being age friendly for everyone. AARP Colorado and the World Health Organization have designated Colorado Springs an “Age-Friendly City.”

Thursday was the kickoff for new services that help earn the Springs that title.

By the year 2040, the number of people 65 and older in the Springs will go up by over 170 percent.

The number of people over 85 will grow by over 330 percent.

Those major changes mean an increase in the need for age-appropriate services.

If you’re new the area or new to finding services for elderly people, this is a perfect way to get you quick and easy information.

The people we talked to said it will make our community better.

Carla Hartsell has lived in Colorado Springs for 37 years. She said this is really important.

“People have all different kinds of needs and I think we’re beginning to talk more and more about how we integrate those needs,” said Hartsell.

This isn’t just for seniors. This can help people of all ages.

“We’re all aging, so whether you have an aging parent, whether you’re aging yourself, it’s good to know what resources are available and what services are available in our community,” said Claire Anderson, Executive Director of Innovations and Aging Collaborative.

This is a chance for people of all ages to understand challenges our community faces.

“Transportation options that are available for people of all ages, housing, civic participation. Social participation and the ways folks can get involved and get the services that they need,” said Anderson.

All of those services already operate in the Springs. The biggest difference now is how people can gain access to it.

“I don’t know that we were missing anything other than a network that ties it all together,” said Hartsell.

That’s exactly what’s happening through this event.

“Creating one portal for services–a one stop shop for seniors to find all the resources and services that they need,” said Anderson.

With this new age-friendly status, the Better Business Bureau also unveiled a new business classification. Businesses who are already BBB accredited can now get an age-friendly qualification through training. That way, seniors know they won’t get taken advantage of by a business.

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