(COLORADO SPRINGS) — A Colorado Springs barber is giving free haircuts to people living on the streets.

Steven Webb has been cutting hair for years, and now, he’s sharpening his clippers for a cause.

“The self-esteem of a haircut is like… I can walk with my head a little higher now,” Webb said.

He has been cutting hair for people experiencing homelessness for about a year at Sanctuary Church on West Colorado Avenue.

“They do breakfast for them, showers for them and now we’re doing haircuts for them too,” Webb said.

He said professional haircuts were not something he had access to growing up.

“We grew up poor and so the haircuts were not much of a thing in our household,” Webb said. “It was kind of in the bathroom, get-what-you-get haircut. And so, I always remembered the feeling of like… I want to have that nice haircut and I want to look like that.”

It is the idea that a haircut is a whole lot more.

“Feeling valuable and stuff,” Webb said. “And I want people to feel that. I want other people to know what that means.”

For some, it’s more than just a barber’s chair, and Webb said he comes away with incredible stories each week. One of his clients even shared some good news with him during his last haircutting.

A client is finished with her fresh, new cut.

“I got housing, I got chosen for housing a few days ago, which is amazing,” she said.

“That is amazing,” Webb agreed.

“Yeah, I couldn’t… my mom was crying.”

For them, it all starts with a pair of scissors. Or in Webb’s case, a golden razor.

“I’ve gone through drug addiction,” Webb said. “I was homeless at a short time in my life. There’s a lot of judgment around homelessness that’s not actually true. Sometimes it’s more than just ‘I’m a drug addict who’s out here to just be out here’. And even if that’s the case? I still want to love you. I don’t think you’re a bad person I just think you need to know that you’re loveable still and that Jesus loves you and I want to be that hands and feet.”

Webb cuts hair every Sunday — as long as the weather is good — from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Anyone looking to support his efforts can go through Sanctuary Church.