Ballot Breakdown: Colorado Springs Ballot Issue 2D


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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.– Today, voters have the option of a discount on their utility bill or giving up the money to fund fire mitigation in Colorado Springs. Issue 2D asks voters to allow the city to keep 20 million dollars for projects.

Ballot Issue 2D asks voters to let the City of Colorado Springs keep $20 million in excess tax revenue to fund fire mitigation projects. Supporters are saying that the money would increase the capacity from 2,000 acres per year to 7,000 per year.

The money would go into a dedicated, interest-bearing fund with 20 million dollars. It could last indefinitely if they only take one million a year.

Mayor John Suthers says that other cities are creating special tax districts to fund fire mitigation.

In Colorado Springs, there would not be a new tax if 2D passes. Instead, each household would give up $70 of a tax refund on their utility bill.

If community members vote yes on the issue, it’s not as though they’re taking money out of their own pockets but are instead just not going to see a break on the utility bill down the road.

Opponents are saying that the city has gotten a break, citing record revenues projected in next year’s budget. They say that they believe homes that live near the forests should be paying for it because they knew the risk when they moved there.

Currently, most of the city’s fire mitigation money comes from grants that are unpredictable.

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