Back-to-School vaccines critical for school year in 2021


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PUEBLO, Colo.– The Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment would like to remind parents of school-age children of the importance of school vaccinations.

Zak Van Ooyen, supervisor of clinical services, said, “Staying up-to-date on existing vaccinations is critical during the COVID-19 pandemic. “The last thing we want is another outbreak, especially when it’s easily preventable. Let’s keep our focus on slowing the spread of COVID-19 and ensuring the healthcare system isn’t bogged down treating preventable diseases.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Colorado’s vaccination statistics for school-age youth is in decline by 19% as compared to the prior year.

“In a typical year, vaccines allow us to create immunity in our communities which will protect babies and people with weakened immune systems. This year, they can also help ensure that vaccine-preventable outbreaks don’t worsen the public health crisis we are already experiencing,” Van Ooyen said.

To access vaccine resources, visit the following sites:

  • helps people find out if their kids are eligible for low- or no-cost vaccines and helps them find a provider who gives them.
  • directs people on how to request vaccination records for their children.
  • makes it easy for people to look up vaccination and exemption rates for schools and childcare facilities in Colorado so they can make the best decision for their children.

If you do not know your child’s vaccination status, reach out to their doctor to access vaccination records. If your child does not have a primary care doctor, please reach out to the health department clinic at 719-583-4380 to schedule an appointment.

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