Baby goat recovering at Gingersnap Rescue Ranch; how you can help


EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. — Gingersnap Rescue Ranch is asking for donations from the community after one of its baby goats needed a leg amputated.

The surgery is now putting a dent in the organization’s donations-based budget.

Peanut is four-months-old and just got home from her surgery. She is starting her recovery at Gingersnap Ranch. Even after losing one leg due to her accident, she’s still full of energy and hopping around like she usually would.

She was born premature and is smaller than her brothers and sisters.

“The smaller goats that are premature, mama usually don’t want to take care of them and they will head butt them away,” said Eryn Maggard, founder of Gingersnap Rescue Ranch. “So they do need a little bit of human help to survive.”

Now, Peanut is faced with a new challenge: she had an accident in the barn and broke her back leg.

“The brake was so severe in her leg,” Maggard said. “So euthanizing was one of our options or amputating her leg was another option.”

That’s why Gingersnap Rescue Ranch is turning to the community for help. Caring for Peanut after her surgery, and all the other animals at this rescue ranch, wouldn’t be possible without donations.

“All those donations go to supporting the animals,” Maggard said. “Between food and vaccinations and vet bills. Building their home and just creating safe environments for them.”

Gingersnap is home to hundreds of animals who are living happy lives. After losing its barn in the 2018 Hanover fire, Gingersnap Rescue is still trying to raise money to rebuild.

To donate to Gingersnap Rescue Ranch, Peanut, and all their animals click here. You can also volunteer at the ranch and help care for the animals.

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