Auto accidents on the rise from unexpected source


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The months of October through December are typically the time of year where the most car accidents involving animals occur.

“It’s going to be obviously most dangerous at dusk and dawn, which again this time of year, the days getting shorter, people are commuting to and from work at those times,” said Colorado Parks and Wildlife District Wildlife Manager Cody Wigner.

Those times will also prove to be the most deadly for wildlife crossing busy Colorado roadways in the late fall months.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, mating season and shorter daylight hours are two of the biggest factors accounting for auto-wildlife related accidents.

“The best idea is defensive driving, paying attention and being prepared. Wear your seatbelt,” said Lt. Catherine Buckley of the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Reducing speed and paying attention to animal crossing signs are just a few other tips to keep in mind. But what happens if an accident occurs and you end up hitting an animal?

“Do not take that into your possession, do not try and pick it up, put it in your vehicle or anything like that,” said Wigner. “The best thing to do is to call us at our office.”

“Don’t approach it,” said Buckley. “There’s just too great a chance you could get hurt yourself. An animal that is upset could cause danger to you.”

The two biggest animals to be on the lookout for are deer and elk, animals who oftentimes travel in groups.

“Usually if one animal crosses, try not to focus on that one animal but also be scanning and looking around trying to see if there are any other animals in the area,” said Wigner.

Again, if an accident like this does happen to you, you’re urged to call parks and wildlife or state troopers. Colorado Parks and Wildlife can be reached at 303-86​6-3437.

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