COLORADO SPRINGS – A group of artists in Colorado Springs spent their Sunday spray painting a message to the community about coronavirus.

In two days, they painted an image of what they said is the coronavirus, along with a woman with a mask on holding a gun up to it.

“Since I had this space and wall available I wanted to use that extra space for something with the topic of everything going on,” Paes164, an artist with the Knobhill Urban Arts District said.

The painting is located at 2001 E. Platte Avenue between Circle Drive and Union Blvd.

“We wanted to get some laughs and give some reminders to wash your hands, stay home and move forward with it,” Paes164 said.

The mural also has “wash your hands” and #stayathome painted on the sides and below the mural. The mural was done by an artist named Emvy.

“This virus it is stressful for families. So we hope to help lighten them up and remind people we can get through this and to wash their hands as quick as possible,” Paes164 said.

The Knobhill Urban Arts District is a group locally that puts new murals up every week and focuses things happening in southern Colorado.

“It shows we are still alive and are still doing things. People are at work we are doing the best we can with the circumstances. We are masked up and gloved up painting in the day,” Paes164 said.

They have a number of other paintings along Platte in the same area.