FORT CARSON, Colo. — Specialist Maura Spence Carroll, also know as Miss Colorado, is back with us again!

Maura began competing in the Miss America Organization with Miss America’s Outstanding Teen in 2013. She was a local Outstanding Teen titleholder in 2013, ’14, ’15, and ’16, and served as Miss Coppell 2019 while she was in training in her first year in the Army.

Specialist Maura Spence Carroll/Miss Colorado

Soon after, she was stationed at Fort Carson in 2019. That is where she first fell in love with Colorado as a teenager and where her grandfather was stationed when he served in the Air Force in the 60’s.

Maura was crowned Miss Colorado 2021 eight years after she first started competing in the Miss America Organization, and 16 years after she watched Miss America for the first time.

Now, Maura’s mission is to raise awareness for mental health in the military.

According to Maura, she has struggled with mental health her entire life. She later learned it was because of Inattentive Type ADHD and anxiety paired with a loved one’s sudden death. During her time as Miss Colorado, Maura has made it a point to address mental health needs and find ways to help others who are struggling.

Specialist Maura Spence Carroll/Miss Colorado

At the time of this report, Miss America is just under a month away (Dec. 16).

Regardless of how the competition turns out, Maura plans to continue advocating for increased mental health awareness and care. She also plans to serve as a civil rights attorney specializing in LGBTQ+ issues with the dream of one day working for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

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