(COLORADO SPRINGS) — As you begin to tidy up your home in an effort to spring clean, a local large junk removal company is reminding the community that the large junk in and around your home needs to be assessed in addition to the small things.

Michael Schwartz is the owner of J Dog Removal and Hauling Services.

He’s a veteran who married his high school sweetheart.

When we met with him, his truck and trailer were loaded down with large items that his company had hauled for a client- including an old hot tub that Schwartz’s company cut into four pieces.

He says the big stuff can be a hazard, especially when it starts to pile up, including yard debris.

“If those things catch a spark they can light up fast. We encounter a lot of big yard debris piles, big dried branches, and dry grass things that are almost picture-perfect tender for a fire. So you want to be careful just letting things pile up cause the bigger the pile the bigger the fires going to be.”

He noted in previous weeks, his company hauled away several thousand pounds of large-scale items for a client.

Schwartz says spring is a busy season for his company. As the weather turns nice, more folks are opting to clean up.