COLORADO SPRINGS — In celebration of World UFO Day, The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) is being recognized for being one of the oldest and largest civilian UFO investigation & research organizations.

MUFON’s goal is to help the world seek answers to the ancient question, ‘Are we alone in the universe?’ MUFON says the answer very simply is ‘NO.’ The organization is dedicated to the scientific study of UFOs and UAPs since 1969. They have long investigated UAP sightings and have collected critical data needed to educate the public on the UAP phenomenon and its potential impact on society. 

According to the organization, MUFON boasts 1,100 volunteers nationwide and 46 international chapters with 4,600 members globally. Individuals from all over the world can report their UFO sightings to MUFON. The organization is a non-profit and accepts volunteers who aspire to be UFO investigators or want to train and join the MUFON investigation team.

For the first time in over 50 years, Congress held a hearing on UFOs in May 2022. UFOs were rebranded as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) The hearing established a permanent UAP office at the Pentagon. It was the first Congressional hearing since a push in 1969 by then Congressman Gerald Ford that led to an Air Force report and hearing, stated MUFON.

“I am excited that Congress is taking this critical first step in disclosing what is known,” said MUFON Executive Director David MacDonald. “Through our knowledge and database of sightings, we know that there are many unanswered questions… We hope that Congress and the Department of Defense continue to be transparent with the American people.” 

After many years of being taboo, discussions regarding UAPs are becoming mainstream, MUFON said in a press release. Now that the conversations are more mainstream, MUFON believes that a significant bipartisan collective effort is needed to push for better legislation that would allow more in-depth information to be released to the public.