(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Cohen Veterans Network has more than 20 clinics across the United States offering direct support for service members, post 9/11 veterans, and military families.

“So we say anybody who is service impacted by that veteran or service member can definitely qualify for services with us as well,” Clinic Director of Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Red Rock, Amy Moore, said. “And we provide individual services, we provide couples therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and some of the therapy to provide for dependents include therapy for children.”

During the month of April, military children are recognized for the sacrifice they make in supporting their family members. Moore shared some of the challenges military children experience.

“I think on average, military kiddos and families can expect to have to like, uproot their lives, change schools between six to nine times like within the service member’s career,” said Moore.

Moore is a military child and explained her personal experience growing up with her father in the Air Force.

Moore is a military child and now as a clinic director, she is able to support Southern Colorado military children and their families. Courtesy: Amy Moore.

“And I think it was really a struggle because there was so much attention put on the service member, you know, doing their events during their service and having to, you know, go to where their country calls them, which is such a huge thing and a lot of times it’s kind of lost on how much the kids serve in their own right as well,” said Moore.

The Department of Defense reports military families move on average every two to three years, which can impact the child.

The Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Red Rock supports military children and their families in navigating new cities and facing hardships.

Inside the family room at Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Red Rock.

“We just want to let people know that we actually understand some of those unique factors to include, you know, having to uproot your life, having to change schools, having to be apart from your loved ones due to deployments and such, and just kind of having to familiarize yourself with potentially like a new community, make new friends, separate yourselves from like family or other friends that you’ve made,” said Moore.

Karryle Lei Davies works as one of the clinicians and shared the significance of being able to support military children.

“No matter how old they are, even from teens and I feel like it’s even more important when it comes to teens because it’s really hard to kind of shift some of those changes that they’re experiencing, especially when they’re having to move from school to school, shifting from friends in a new environment,” Davies said.

In reflecting on the month of April as the month of the military child, Davies referenced her own family.

“I think it’s so significant and I love that we highlight the kiddos, the military families, and the kiddos during this time,” Davies said. “They’re one of the things that I face personally because I am a military spouse and I do have military kids. And one of the things that we experience is the challenges of being away from our families.”

Davies with her children and spouse. Courtesy: Karryle Lei Davies.

Davies shared that she is able to connect with clients by referencing her military background and her children.

“One of my favorite parts is being able to be a support… when they understand that I too have kiddos and I’m also military spouse, there’s a little bit of that connection, peace and that rapport building that’s really engaging and really important for them as well.”

The clinic offers the option of both in-person and telehealth appointments that you can book online.

“We do in-person services here as well as telehealth services. So that way, there should not be a barrier to access to care,” Moore said. “So we actually do have several clients who are like, I really want therapy, but I really need to either do it, you know, from a safe location at work or from home.”