(COLORADO SPRINGS) — An article from the Associated Press (AP) states that the alleged suspect in the Club Q shooting is expected to strike a plea deal “to state murder and hate charges that would ensure at least a life sentence,” after the shooting on Nov. 20, 2022, that killed five people and wounded several others.

AP reports Colorado law requires victims to be notified of plea deals and several victims are telling AP that they have been given advance notice by state prosecutors that the suspect will plead guilty to charges and those charges would ensure the maximum sentence of life behind bars.

Federal and state authorities and defense attorneys declined to comment to AP on a possible plea deal, according to the article. The alleged Club Q shooter was originally facing more than 320 counts after the deadly attack.

According to AP, the possible legal resolution follows a series of jailhouse calls from the suspect to the AP “expressing remorse and the intention to face the consequences at the next scheduled court hearing this month.”

FOX21 reached out to the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office (DA) for comment and did not receive a response. Later at 1:45 p.m. on Thursday, June 15, the DA’s office released this statement:

Pursuant to Rule 3.6 of the Colorado Rules of Professional Responsibility, the District Attorney’s Office will not make public comment at this time. Specifically, comment 5 states: “There are…certain subjects that are more likely…to have a material prejudicial effect on a proceeding, particularly when they refer to a…criminal matter, or any other proceeding that could result in incarceration. These subjects relate to: (2) in a criminal case…that could result in incarceration, the possibility of a plea of guilty to the offense…”

Colorado 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office

Club Q also released a statement on Facebook just after 3 p.m. on Thursday.

Since November 19th, 2022, District Attorney Michael Allen and his office have been working expeditiously to deliver justice. Throughout this time, their office has been diligent in maintaining open lines of communication for survivors and victims of the horrific attack at Club Q.

While the wheels of justice continue to move forward, Club Q remains firm in our support for the District Attorney, their legal expertise, and passion for justice. We cannot thank them enough for their incredibly kind and empathetic support throughout the entire process. It is our hope that the deliverance of justice will allow victims and survivors to foster healing, find closure and begin to find peace.

While we cannot comment on the possible existence of a plea deal, we support the most expedient resolution to this case. It’s quite evident that the defendant deserves to live life in prison without the possibility of parole, and we look forward to having justice delivered.

For now, our collective focus should remain on the victims of this horrific tragedy and honoring those lost with a permanent tribute. We are grateful for the collaboration, support, and input of the families of the victims on the tribute, and will continue working toward the completion of it.

Club Q

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

It is the policy of FOX21 News to name the suspect of a mass shooting incident once and to show their image once. FOX21 News will refrain from doing so after the first instance, so as not to glorify their actions. Any articles on our website from outside sources may not reflect this policy.