COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — After an anti-homosexual ad paid for by a Colorado Springs pastor ran in last Sunday’s Gazette, the controversy isn’t going away.

Pastor James Hagan of the Friendship Assembly of God Church placed the ad.

The gist of it talks about not catering to the “homosexual agenda” in our society.

The message has upset some local activists, politicians, and other religious leaders.

Last Sunday, local civil rights activist Carolyn Cathey received an email to look at the Sunday Gazette, where she saw the “Don’t cater to the Homosexual Agenda” advertisement.

“My contacts were very angry, very hurt. It felt like deja vu. 1992 with Amendment Two all over again. The hate, the unkindness, the disregard for rights,” Cathey said.

Hagan said he put the ad in the paper to send a message because he believes he is speaking for the silent majority.

“For the homosexual agenda to be totally accepted not just in writing, not just in schools or colleges down to our grade schools but in our churches. So that we have to hire homosexuals so we have to bow down to what their belief system is,” Hagan said.

Hagan said he’s received positive feedback on the ad and he doesn’t care if people like him or not.

“If homosexuals say they never come to my church, good, because for every homosexual who comes into my church stealthfully, and some of them do, they may corrupt a dozen of my teenagers and I would rather have one of them not come then have a dozen of my teenagers corrupted,” Hagan said.

Cathey said this ad is hurtful and represents a small group of people in Colorado Springs.

“Our city is a very open and an accepting world class city and we want to attract world class citizens of every stripe,” Cathey said.

She also said our nation goes to great lengths to protect religious freedom.

“But just like the Amish are protected, the rest of us are not denied electricity. We have to get to the place where everyone is treated fairly under the constitution, under our laws in the state of Colorado,” Cathey said.

Hagan also said he believes people choose to be gay.

Here is what he had to say when FOX21 asked him when he decided to be straight:

“I was born normal. I wasn’t born with an anomaly, and I will tell you I believe I am authority on it. I have stack of information on it.”

The minister at All Souls Church is gay. She disagrees with Hagan and said the Bible talks about welcoming the outcasts.

“The Bible itself does not condemn homosexuality. That’s myth. It condemns certain kinds of sex acts that were prevalent in pagan worship practices that the Jews were to be separate from. Never once does it ever condemn homosexuality as an act of love or commitment of life. It never does,” Nori Rost, Minister at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church, said.

Some Colorado Springs politicians said they were heartbroken to see a member of our community could be so mean spirited.

“I think it is really important for the people throughout the state of Colorado, our nation, know that the people in Colorado Springs are respectful of all beliefs, and we are respective of all lifestyles. Whether you are heterosexual, gay or transgender, we respect and value all of the values in this community,” Colorado Springs councilwoman Jill Gaebler said.

Cathey said they will be running a full page ad in the paper this Sunday against the previous ad to show Colorado Springs is more accepting than this ad represents.

Watch FOX21’s full interview with Hagan in the video below.