COLORADO SPRINGS — Following the death of El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputy Andrew Peery in the line of duty on Sunday, FOX21 is learning more about his dedication to serving his country and community.

Matthew Baden is an Army veteran who served with Deputy Peery in Iraq in 2003. Baden said Peery served as an airborne infantryman, or paratrooper, in the Army. His first duty station was in the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Italy between 2001-2004.

Baden said he met Peery when he was accepted to the scout/sniper platoon, where they worked alongside each other. The two participated in the airborne assault into Iraq in March of 2003, and earned both the Parachutist Badge with Bronze Star and Combat Infantry Badge (CIB).

Peery went on to serve in Afghanistan, Baden said, and served in the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson.

He was an exemplary soldier who always strived to serve his country with honor and continued to serve his community in Colorado Springs.

Matthew Baden

Former El Paso County Deputy Scott Stone also worked with Deputy Peery. He is still in shock that he was killed in the line of duty but remembers the good times he had with Peery.

“He was the guy that would take the shirt off of his back to give to you,” Stone explained. “He was the man’s man. I mean, he worked SWAT. He was in the Army for a while. I mean, he just did he did a ton of stuff. And he was always, always the guy that would always have your back no matter what.”

Stone who was shot and wounded when Detective Micah Flick was killed in the line of duty in 2018 said he wants the community to rally behind law enforcement during this difficult time.

“Just remember to support law enforcement after this kind of incident,” Scott said. “Officers are going to be on heightened awareness. So please just remember to thank an officer. Let them know that you care for them, that you love them.”

Deputy Peery is survived by his wife Megan and two kids. If you would like to donate to the family you can do so through Chase Bank and the Hugh Martin Fallen Officers Fund.