COLORADO SPRINGS — It has been several months since a baby formula recall cleared massive amounts of product from stores across Colorado, and we are still seeing bare shelves. One group has taken to Facebook to help families all across the country, and it started in Colorado.

“Motherhood is often so isolating and you feel so lonely sometimes, as a mom, that you don’t realize that there is this village and there are people that care,” said Emily Swanson, Colorado mother and founder of the Nationwide Formula Search Facebook group.

Swanon said she decided to start a group to help mothers find formula, because being a mother is hard enough.

That’s what Mariah Lombardo tells us, who’s a mother of twins.

“I started looking for formula, and unfortunately, as I started looking formula, there was a shortage.”

Lombardo’s fiancé is currently on deployment, so she joined the Facebook group to get some extra help during the shortage.

The type of posts you can find on the Facebook page. Credit: Nationwide Formula Search

“Honestly, the group has been nothing but positive and has helped a ton, especially with twins. We go through a can of formula in probably four days.”

Swanson said it’s people like Lombardo who reinforced the idea of the group.

“Seeing this create such a panic for so many people and reading stories about babies being hospitalized for not having access to the appropriate formulas and that kind of stuff just really broke my heart.”

Nationwide Formula Search fully rolled out on May 12th, and it has helped mothers find the formula they need ever since.

“I did have one that really pulls at my heart… this one mama who needed a special formula for her baby who was on a G.I tube,” said one of the admins, Tayler Moore.

After admins scoured the internet and Facebook, they managed to find the exact formula this mother needed.

“I sent it over. I told that mom that there was some on the way and she just broke down. And she just said: ‘you have no idea what that means to our family’,” Moore said.

Those helping mothers in the group said stories like this make what they do even more rewarding.

“Emily was going out to stores and taking pictures and stuff and I thought ‘well, I can do that’,” Moore said. “So, I just started doing that and then I just couldn’t stop. I couldn’t be off my laptop. Every time you hear that ‘ding’, it’s someone who’s in need.”

And it’s simple to help families out.

“You don’t have to make a special trip,” Swanson said. “You can just be at the store and take a picture of the formula aisle and say, hey, here’s what’s available here with the address.”

While this group works to find formula for families, Swanson advised against trying to make your own formula.

If you would like to find donated breast milk, Swanson recommends checking out Human Milk 4 Human Babies for Colorado. Otherwise, you can go through Mother’s Milk Bank.